Leo Burnett Interactive

Sprint Honors

Giving high praise to all the things people do on the Sprint network


When we surveyed the media landscape of telecom ads, we realized how cluttered it was with meaningless jargon and empty proclamations. We needed to cut through the clutter and show customers that they matter. So instead of celebrating our network, we celebrated the things people do on our network - by having them performed by legendary actors James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell.


In mass media, we honored texts, calls and tweets by having our actors dramatically perform those conversations. Online, we honored as many people in as many ways as we could by asking them to post things they'd done with #HonorThis.

We then honored those things with video tributes narrated by our stars, which we shared with our 2 million Facebook fans. Next, we created a website where Malcolm McDowell honored real tweets by reading them over a live orchestra. Finally, we created a TV spot in honor of a customer, which debuted worldwide on her Twitter page.


/ In 8 weeks the brand social conversation went from 85% negative to 95% positive.

/ Sprint sold 5.6 million smartphones, over 1.5 million more than last year’s holiday season. And added 682,000 new subscribers.

/ That represented a 59% lift from Q4 last year, allowing Sprint to end the year with 5.39 million subscribers – its highest level ever.