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Can a troupe of 50 year olds beat a team half their age?


Centrum was in trouble. In late 2013, a discrediting editorial in a major medical publication sent Vitamin sales, already declining, off a cliff. Worse, Centrum was seen as the vitamin for old people. And old people are portrayed in media and advertising as wearing adult diapers, comparing retirement products, and sitting around hoping for an erection. Centrum decided to fight back.


To celebrate older people and prove the efficacy of a vitamin-supplemented diet, we pitted a team of 50 year olds against guys half their age.

They played four games and won all four, proving that no matter the age, when you train and take care of your body, you remain in top form for longer than you think.

Finally, we turned to social media. We asked "old people" to prove how they still had it by posting their own age-defying acts. Then we celebrated and promoted the best ones, kickstarting a search for the next great stunt. Then kickstarted the search for the next stunt.


/ Media outlets picked up the video as a story of Age triumphing over Youth.

/ Tweets from sports analyst Jalen Rose and comedian Michael Ian Black accelerated sharing to nearly 1M views.

/ Brand awareness helped slow down sales decline, proving that even Centrum's still got it.


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